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How LinkedIn Can Transform Your Sales Team 

We teach you how to incorporate LinkedIn into your sales strategy. We align your content on LinkedIn to ensure a consistent message is being shared about your company. We start by shifting the focus of your LinkedIn profile to be customer-centric. We teach you how to leverage LinkedIn on a regular and consistent basis to promote your brand and develop sales opportunities for your company. 

“We needed to standardize what LinkedIn looked for each person on our sales team. Katie did a great job helping us identify what we wanted say about our company and our sales team. Her approach was organized and comprehensive. She did a great job showing our sales team the benefits of social media for their business and her weekly email tips/practice are helpful in reinforcing what was learned in training.” - Rachel Schwab, Marketing and Brand Director at The Equitable Bank

One of the biggest challenges our customers face is content. We don’t meet many sales people who enjoy writing; this is why our team not only writes the content for your profile, but also write customized updates for you to share with your network. We provide a plan for sharing content on a monthly basis, and helpful email templates that will save you time and ensure your communication on LinkedIn is professional and thoughtful. 

Ready to generate real business on LinkedIn? Let’s talk about how to leverage LinkedIn for business development.